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For the previous few decades, addiction became a chronic and unsettled problem of India. This disease is affecting millions of children and youth of our country. From a millionaire to a beggar, a huge number of people become the victim of addiction due to various reasons and join rehabilitation centre in Jalandhar. The fact is that there are more than millions of people who are taking alcohol and drugs on a regular basis and most of them get addiction disorder.

We, at Navjyoti Foundation, are the best Rehabilitation Centre in Jalandhar. Weare trying to find out the root cause of this problem and solve it accordingly. We here are trying to abolish this social curse by making the addict enable to fight against drug dependence by following the psychotherapeutic courses. We have shortlisted some reasons behind the increasing problem of addiction.
  • Lack of job opportunity is the most common reason behind addiction.
  • Easy availability of narcotic substances, sometimes in debt also, make the youth fall in addiction.
  • Ties between drug associations and organized criminal gangs, to make the youth helpless and hopeless make addiction a disease.

Rehabilitation Centre in Jalandhar

There are some symptoms which can be noticed in every addicted person and join Rehabilitation Centre in Jalandhar. If anybody is found with the symptoms, it is time to get him treated. The symptoms are described below.
  • A person who is addicted to a certain substance could not stop himself from taking the specific substance.
  • An addicted could not stop taking the substance even after he faces problems after taking the substance. For example, a smoker could not stop himself from smoking even after the development of lung and heart disease.
  • An addicted person could take any risk to get the specific substance he is addicted to.

De addiction centre in Jalandhar

As it is a chronic disease and generally the patients are adult, it is difficult to treat them and needs long sessions and tolerance of the family to get rid of it. In our de addiction centre in Jalandhar, we have specialist doctors and counsellors who are trying hard to make the addicted patients come back to normal life. There are a few steps we follow in the treatment of addiction.
  • Detoxification is generally the first step to treat addicted ones. It involves clearing the substance from the body and also restraining the withdrawal reactions and visit rehabilitation centre in Jalandhar.
  • Counselling is the most common form of treatment. It helps to change the behaviour and attitude of people towards using a substance and also to strengthen the other procedure of treatments.
  • Rehabilitation programs are as exclusive as the person in need and the disorder they suffer from. The main purpose is to make a patient lead a normal life and call now Rehabilitation Centre in Jalandhar.

In our de addiction centre in Jalandhar,all the necessary steps are taken to give an addictedperson a normal life and also make society free from addiction. We also arrange awareness programs in schools and colleges to spread awareness against addiction. Therefore, if you are suffering from any form of the addiction problem, come to us at Navjyoti Foundation rehabilitation centre in Jalandhar. We will help you to get back into normal life.



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