Detox Treatment Centre

Detox treatment centre in Haryana

Detox treatment is a treatment process which removes toxic elements from our body. The treatment process is used for both alcohol and drug-addicted patients. It is the first treatment process for alcoholic patients when it comes to de-addiction. This treatment procedure is performed throughcounselling, medication and medical observation.Detoxification is a type of medical treatment. Counselling is a part of this type of treatment. Through it, a patient is able to overcome the addiction and drug abuse problems.We are a well-known detox treatment centre in Haryana for treating alcoholic patient step by step. A detoxification program is a primary step for the treatment of addiction. It works positively to get rid of addiction.We treat alcoholic patients very carefully. When the process is going on, our experienced and well-trained staff is ready to support them all the time and join detox treatment centre in Ambala. It is a very difficult time for them. We provide them witha life without alcohol or drugs.

Cutting-Edge Facilities: Detox treatment centre in Ambala

  • Supply Hot and cold Water 24 hours
  • Food of the patient is pure and hygienic food
  • We provide both veg and non-veg food to our patient
  • Entertainment for the patient - Satellite TV Connection, which helps them to stay out from drug and alcohol
  • Sports and fitness program is also arranged for the patient’s physical strength and join detox treatment centre in Ambala
  • Our Medical and Support staff are there for 24 hours ready to help the patient
  • Team of experienced and professional psychiatrists
  • Therapists, counsellors, and yoga trainers are very dedicated
  • Maintaining cleanliness in living spaces and visit detox treatment centre in Haryana

Cause for Choosing Us

  • Good facilities
  • Hygienic food
  • A daily checkup by specialist doctors
  • Professional yoga trainer
  • Provide 12 step programs

We provide the best treatment to addicted people. We, at Navjyoti Foundation, are the best detox treatment centre in Haryana. Wealways provide the optimum quality treatment for our patients.



We Are The Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centre Haryana Ambala!!